exercise bike step by step buying guide



Are you looking to purchase an exercise bike? It’s a wonderful idea. Are you new to exercising? Do you know what you are looking for? Buying an exercise bike may not necessarily be the easiest task so here are some guidelines or tips that you might want to use to find the right exercise bike for you.

What are your Goals

To choose the right exercise bike, you must understand the reason for purchasing. Let's thinkThis depends on several things such as who is intended to use the bike, with what intensity and how often. In case you will be riding more re
gularly, it’s wise to consider investing in a bit higher-quality model which is powerfully built with quality components.

Consider your Budget

It’s helpful to have a rough idea of the amount of money you have to focus your search for exercise bike that is most appropriate for you. Standard and basic bikes may cost less than $150, but some other great entry-level bikes rage between $180 to $280. Above these prices, it’s possible to get commercial-grade equipment. The quality of bikes rises as prices increases but not to think that it’s a must you spend more for the right bike because your overall requirement may suit a lower cost equipment.


Type of Exercise Bike


It’s important to select the right or preferred style of the exercise bike, and they are grouped into three major types as follows:

Upright bikes

They are usually the standard exercise bikes and allows you to ride in a similar position to the conventional bicycle. Upright bikes tend to be more efficient regarding space, and they are known to ensure full solid cardiovascular workouts for many users. They have a flatter, wider seats usually without the back rest.
Exerpeutic Folding BikeSchwinn 170 upright exercise bike

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Spin bikes

This type of exercise bike provides high-intensity workouts by replicating a real road bike riding experience. In facts, they are ideal for those people who take the cycling training seriously. They have less feature compared to other types but primarily focus on training and performance.

Sunny health & fitness SFB-901 spin bikeKeiser M3 indoor cycle
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Recumbent bikes

They best suit lower-intensity riding and usually assists to take off your back pressure by providing back support, increased level of assistance, a relaxed and horizontal position for workouts. However, the riding position tends to work the muscles on the back of your legs more. They specifically suit people rehabbing after minor injuries and seniors.Schwinn 270 recumbent bikeExerpeutic 900XL recumbent bike

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The available Space

Space is one of the key consideration, especially when it comes to home exercising. Upright bikes usually cover less area compared to the recumbent bike. It’s possible to get the most compact standard upright model, taking less than a 40 in long and about 20 in wide. Most recumbent starts roughly from 60 in to 70 in long. For spin bikes, they tend to have dimensions between the recumbent and the upright bikes.


Types of Resistance Mechanisms

Resistance can be referred to the strength pushing  against you that makes your riding harder. All exercise bikes have resistance mechanism and they can be grouped into these major groups:

Air resistance

This type mechanism mostly have no adjusting knob or button. Resistance level depends on the speed of pedaling, in other words, the faster you pedal the harder it gets. Because of that feature it is capable of providing  very intense  cardiovascular workouts. By the way it is pretty noisy option.Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro

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Mechanical resistance

Mechanical resistance exercise bicycles tend to also provide high intensity workouts by replicating a real riding experience. Resistance levels range from nonexistent to very extreme. In facts, it is ideal for those people who take the cycling training seriously. It is mostly a chain driven system, more similar to a racing bike and its resistance is set manually. Because of direct contact between moving parts more often maintenance will be needed. It is a quiet option. ( Only applies to the braking pads based systems, belt based systems is almost total inverse)Sunny Health Cycling bike

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Magnetical resistance

Only this type resistance mechanism allows predefined workout programs with dynamic change of the resistance levels.  There is no direct contact between moving parts, because of that maintenance is pretty rare. In addition it provides very smooth and continuous riding experience. Nearly silent option.

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Keiser M3 I ndoor cycle









Extra Features

It’s great to consider whether you want your bike to come with extra features because of the come in handy on exercise bikes. In facts, the basic model may not have any additional feature at all compared to so called indoor cycles where the role of performance may override its functionality. Some of the extra feature on stationary bicycles includes fitness app compatibility, cooling fans, heart rate monitors, Bluetooth technology, and speakers. The fitness app helps you access the top world new and motivating workout features. Note that if there is a significant distinction in the features on two closely priced bike models, the one with few extra features have a higher quality part and is powerfully built.


Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike









Specifications of Stationary bikes.

After you have considered the above factors, these are some important aspects you might want to take into consideration before making your final decision:

  • As you power up the wheel, the flywheel rotates gaining momentum and this is what gives you the feel of your ride. The heavier the fluid riding, the better it is for your workout. For a basic bike, over 22lbs is ok. Higher performance bikes should weight about 37lbs.


  • Design: The principal purpose of purchasing a stationary bike is to lose significant amount of calorie as well as get a shape, but because it will be staying in your house, it’s good to consider the aesthetic aspect. In facts, a bike that looks good will be more enticing to use.


  • Maximum user weight: There is a maximum user weight specified by each manufacturer for each type of exercise bike. This is the maximum weight that the bike can handle. Therefore, ensure you select a bike that can handle your weight.


  • Adjustable Seat/Handlebars: This is an important functionality. For a comfortable ride, you need adjustable seats and handle bars.

Bike By Bike Exercise Bike


Finally, another crucial thing to look when buying an exercise bike is warranty. It usually gives you an insight of what you’ll be covered for and at for what period. In facts, various manufacturers have different length of providing a warranty to their clients but a one-year policy is the minimum, although most of them will even offer 3 and a five-year warranty. Warranty usually covers parts, labor, and the frame but it’s wise to note that different warranty may cover several things for the different duration of time. It’s, therefore, important to check the policy before buying the exercise bicycle. Note that some brands of bike require you first to register it immediately after purchasing it with a particular period so that you receive a bit longer warranty.